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Warren Buffetts take on crypto

In this article, we delve into the crypto boom and its impact on value investors and Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Drawing on Warren Buffett's insights, we examine the contrasting nature of cryptocurrencies and value investing, discuss the potential implications for Berkshire Hathaway, and offer guidance on staying true to value investing principles in the age of crypto speculation.


The past decade has witnessed the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the forefront. This surge in popularity has attracted not only tech enthusiasts but also speculators, leading to a heated debate on the value and legitimacy of these digital assets. The aim of this article is to discuss the implications of the crypto boom for value investors, particularly Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, by examining Warren Buffett's perspective on the matter.

The Gambling Instinct and Crypto Speculation

Warren Buffett, the legendary investor and Berkshire Hathaway's chairman, has always emphasized the importance of value investing, which is based on the principles of long-term growth and intrinsic value. However, the allure of cryptocurrencies has challenged these traditional principles, with many individuals being drawn in by the potential for quick, substantial gains. Buffett has attributed this behavior to the innate gambling instinct in people.

The gambling instinct fuels the excitement around cryptocurrencies, as individuals are lured by the prospect of making more money tomorrow. This speculative nature stands in stark contrast to the fundamentals of value investing, which prioritize solid businesses with strong financials and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Warren Buffett's Latest Take on Bitcoin

Buffett has been vocal about his skepticism towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his recent interview, he referred to Bitcoin as a "gambling token" without any intrinsic value. This lack of inherent value sets cryptocurrencies apart from traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, that are backed by real-world assets or the promise of future cash flows.

The legendary investor has made it clear that he does not intend to invest in cryptocurrencies for Berkshire Hathaway. This decision is in line with the company's long-standing value investing principles, which prioritize long-term growth and intrinsic value over short-term speculative gains.

The Crypto Boom and Its Potential Impact on Berkshire Hathaway

The rise of cryptocurrencies presents both risks and opportunities for Berkshire Hathaway as a value investing company. On one hand, the growing popularity of digital assets could lead to increased competition for investment opportunities and a shift in market sentiment away from traditional value investing. On the other hand, the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies could create attractive buying opportunities for undervalued businesses in the long run, as market participants chase short-term gains.

Berkshire Hathaway's management has remained steadfast in their commitment to value investing principles, even in the face of the crypto boom. By focusing on strong businesses with durable competitive advantages, the company seeks to continue delivering long-term value to its shareholders.

Lessons for Value Investors in the Age of Crypto Speculation

For value investors, the rise of cryptocurrencies serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to value investing principles. Despite the allure of potential quick gains, it is crucial to stay disciplined and focus on businesses with a strong foundation and long-term growth potential.

In order to navigate the crypto boom, value investors should:

  • Maintain a long-term perspective and resist the temptation to chase short-term speculative gains
  • Focus on businesses with strong financials, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a clear path to long-term growth
  • Keep a diversified portfolio that balances exposure to different sectors and asset classes


In summary, the rise of cryptocurrencies has presented new challenges and opportunities for value investors and Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. While the allure of quick gains may be tempting, it is crucial for investors to remain disciplined and stay true to the principles of value investing. By focusing on strong businesses with long-term growth potential, investors can navigate the crypto craze and continue to build lasting wealth.

The article is based on Warren Buffett's latest CNBC interview transcript.