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Dear Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Discover the captivating journey of Lubrizol Corporation, from its humble beginnings to its current position as a global leader in specialty chemicals. Uncover the company's strategic growth, commitment to sustainability, and groundbreaking innovations that are set to shape its trajectory into 2024 and beyond.

Lubrizol: Charting a Course of Expansion and Innovation into 2024


Since its inception in 1928, Lubrizol Corporation has solidified its standing as a global powerhouse in the specialty chemicals industry, evolving from a modest Cleveland-based enterprise into a subsidiary of the esteemed Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate 1. This transformation is a testament to Lubrizol's relentless pursuit of growth and innovation. The strategic acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway in 2011 for a staggering $9.7 billion in cash marked a pivotal moment, steering the company towards a future ripe with potential 1.

In recent years, Lubrizol has made calculated moves to refine its focus, exemplified by the closure of the Lubrizol Oilfield Solutions segment in 2017, a decision that underscores the company's commitment to sustainability and long-term profitability 1. This pivot has been complemented by strategic global expansions, particularly in burgeoning markets like China and India, and by securing critical certifications that reinforce its dedication to environmental stewardship 2.

For shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway , understanding Lubrizol's trajectory is not just a matter of corporate interest but of direct financial significance. The company's growth and innovation directly influence shareholder value. This article aims to provide a rich context for Lubrizol's expansion plans by intertwining historical, political, and economic insights, charting a course of expansion and innovation into 2024 and beyond.

Lubrizol's Historical Foundations and Growth

Tracing its roots back to 1928, Lubrizol began as a small Cleveland company and has since burgeoned into an influential entity on the global stage 1. The company's initial public offering in the 1960s marked its first major leap, broadening its horizons and capital base 1. The acquisition of Noveon International in 2004 for $920 million significantly bolstered Lubrizol's market presence, expanding its reach into new product lines and industries 1.

The Berkshire Hathaway acquisition in 2011 was a watershed moment, aligning Lubrizol with one of the most respected names in business and providing the financial backing to fuel further growth 1. This support has been instrumental in Lubrizol's international expansions, with strategic investments in China and India reflecting a keen understanding of global economic trends and opportunities 1.

The company's evolution is not just a series of financial transactions; it is a narrative of strategic foresight and adaptability. Lubrizol's recent rebranding of its Carbopol® polymers is a prime example, showcasing a refreshed identity that honors its heritage while embracing a future of innovation and sustainability 3.

Year Milestone
1928 Foundation of Lubrizol in Cleveland, Ohio
1960s Goes public on the New York Stock Exchange
2004 Acquires Noveon International
2011 Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway
2017 Lubrizol Oilfield Solutions segment shut down
Recent Years Expansions in China and India; rebranding of Carbopol® polymers

The table above encapsulates key historical milestones that have shaped Lubrizol into the company it is today. Each step reflects a broader economic and political context, from post-war industrial expansion to the current focus on globalization and sustainability.

Warren Buffett In Lab With Flowers
Warren Buffett in a chemical lab with flowers: unlikely but not impossible! AI impression

Lubrizol's Commitment to Sustainability and Global Certification

Lubrizol's dedication to sustainability is evident in its pursuit of ISCC PLUS certification, a testament to the company's proactive approach to environmental responsibility 2. The certification, obtained by Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ headquarters in Brecksville, and the production plants in Avon Lake, Ohio, U.S., and Oevel, Belgium, underscores a commitment to a transparent biomass balance approach, significantly reducing the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of its products 2.

Dr. Jesús Santamaria, Global Sustainability Business Director for Lubrizol Engineered Polymers, emphasized the importance of this certification, stating, “ISCC PLUS enables a fully transparent biomass balance approach and leads to the decrease of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of our final product" 2. Elizabeth Grove, Chief Sustainable Officer, further highlighted the strategic importance of the certification, noting, “Obtaining ISCC PLUS certification is an important step in ensuring that Lubrizol has a single, consistent, corporate-wide process across our organization to track materials" 2.

The chemical industry is increasingly pressured to adopt sustainable practices, and Lubrizol is not just responding to this demand but leading the way. The ISCC PLUS certification process involves rigorous assessments of sustainability practices and offers significant benefits, including enhanced marketability of products and alignment with global sustainability goals.

ISCC PLUS Certified Sites Location
Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ HQ Brecksville, Ohio, U.S.
Production Plant Avon Lake, Ohio, U.S.
Production Plant Oevel, Belgium
Facility Songjiang, China

The table above lists the sites that have achieved the prestigious ISCC PLUS certification, marking them as leaders in sustainable chemical manufacturing. This commitment to sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but also a strategic business decision that aligns with the values of customers and stakeholders alike.

Lubrizol's historical journey from a small Ohio company to a global leader in specialty chemicals is marked by strategic growth and a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the company charts its course into 2024, it stands poised to continue its legacy of delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions that improve wellbeing and enhance modern life. For Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Lubrizol's trajectory offers a clear vision of a company that is not only expanding its global footprint but also setting the standard for corporate responsibility in the chemical industry.

Innovation as Lubrizol's Driving Force

Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has stood as a paragon of innovation for nearly a century . With a 95-year legacy of scientific breakthroughs, Lubrizol continues to push the boundaries of technology and chemistry to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic world 4. The year 2023 marked a continuation of this tradition, with Lubrizol launching an array of new products and extensions designed to address customer challenges and enhance quality of life.

The EcoAssurant™ portfolio is a testament to Lubrizol's commitment to environmental stewardship within the lubricants market. This range of products not only meets but exceeds the growing demand for lubricants that are less impactful on the environment, showcasing Lubrizol's dedication to sustainable innovation 4.

In the beauty industry, Lubrizol's SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient has garnered attention, earning the Makeup Bar Silver award for its sustainable silicone alternative. This recognition underscores the company's efforts to blend performance with sustainability 4. Additionally, the Argireline® YOUth peptide has made waves as an oil-soluble variant of the renowned Argireline® peptide, further cementing Lubrizol's status as a leader in cosmetic ingredients.

The Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide is Lubrizol's response to the burgeoning "phygital" beauty trend, where the digital and physical realms of beauty converge. This innovative peptide is designed to meet the aesthetic demands of a market that is increasingly influenced by the digital world 4.

Carbopol® polymers have been a cornerstone of Lubrizol's portfolio for six decades, continuing to add value through new formulations and applications. The introduction of the Apisolex™ Polymer excipient, which has received multiple accolades, demonstrates Lubrizol's ability to innovate in the pharmaceutical space. This excipient's versatility was further highlighted through a partnership with Welton Pharma, aiming to develop treatments for colorectal cancers 4.

The timeline of Lubrizol's product launches over the past decade paints a picture of a company that is not only steeped in history but also vigorously pursuing the future through relentless innovation.

Lubrizol's Global Expansion: China and India

Lubrizol's global footprint is expanding, with strategic investments in China and India paving the way for growth and innovation. The ISCC PLUS certification of the Songjiang facility in China is a significant milestone, showcasing Lubrizol's dedication to sustainability and responsible manufacturing. This certification allows for a transparent biomass balance approach, ultimately leading to a reduction in the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of the final products 2.

In India, Lubrizol has committed an impressive investment of over 150 million USD to accelerate its growth trajectory. This investment includes the groundbreaking on India's largest CPVC resin plant and the doubling of CPVC compound capacity in Dahej, Gujarat, from 70,000MT to 140,000MT . Such expansion not only enhances Lubrizol's production capabilities but also anticipates the region's burgeoning market demands 6 .

Further cementing its commitment to India, Lubrizol plans to establish a local R&D center, which will stand as the company's second global R&D hub after North America. This center will be pivotal in fostering innovation and tailoring solutions to meet local and global needs 6.

The opening of a new grease lab in Navi Mumbai signifies Lubrizol's investment in lubricant innovation, while the Center of Excellence for laundry bars in Mumbai, which earned Lubrizol a sustainability award, exemplifies the company's dedication to sustainable practices 6.

A visual representation of Lubrizol's global expansion, marked by a map, highlights the strategic locations of these new investments, illustrating the company's commitment to becoming a truly global powerhouse.

Advancements in Beauty and Personal Care

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) stands at the forefront of innovation in the beauty and personal care industry. The introduction of the Stevisse™ advanced botanical ingredient is a clear indication of Lubrizol's ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Stevisse™ offers retinoid-like benefits without the associated skin irritation, a breakthrough in skincare that caters to consumers' desires for effective yet gentle products 5.

In vitro and in vivo tests have demonstrated Stevisse™'s superior antioxidant efficacy and its ability to significantly reduce skin inflammation by 57.8% compared to retinoic acid. These tests also reveal improvements in skin tone homogeneity and a reduction in dark spots after just 28 days of treatment 5.

Sustainability is at the heart of Stevisse™, obtained using the innovative Phenobio™ subcritical water technology. This process underscores Lubrizol's commitment to environmentally responsible ingredient sourcing. Moreover, Lubrizol's adoption of blockchain technology for ingredient journey transparency exemplifies the company's forward-thinking approach to supply chain management 5.

If you're interested in the details, please have a look at the following introduction to Phenobio™ Subcritical Water Technology by Lubrizol:

Lubrizol's advancements in beauty and personal care are not merely incremental; they are transformative, signaling a shift towards more sustainable, effective, and consumer-friendly products in the industry.

The Intersection of Business and Technology

At the heart of Lubrizol's enduring success lies a seamless integration of business acumen with cutting-edge science and technology. The company's strategic use of technology not only propels its business objectives forward but also solidifies its position as a leader in advancing mobility, improving wellbeing, and enhancing modern life 4. Lubrizol's innovation pipeline is a testament to its commitment to leveraging science to create value across diverse markets.

One of the most significant technological milestones for Lubrizol is the development of ESTANE® RNW TPU, which is engineered to meet the rigorous sustainability requirements increasingly demanded across various industries 4. This material represents a convergence of performance and environmental stewardship, embodying the company's dedication to sustainable innovation.

Digital technology also plays a pivotal role in Lubrizol's product evolution. The company's foray into "phygital" beauty—a blend of physical and digital aesthetics—exemplifies how Lubrizol stays ahead of the curve by embracing digital trends to enhance its offerings 4. This approach not only meets the contemporary consumer's expectations but also opens new avenues for product development and customer engagement.

The chemical industry's landscape is continually reshaped by political and economic forces that drive technology adoption and innovation. Lubrizol navigates these complexities by investing in technologies that align with global trends and regulatory changes, ensuring that its products remain relevant and competitive.

Integrating new technologies into traditional manufacturing processes presents both challenges and opportunities. While there is the hurdle of initial investment and training, the long-term benefits include increased efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and the ability to create more sophisticated products.

Lubrizol's technological advancements resonate with Berkshire Hathaway's investment philosophy, which values companies that have a strong competitive advantage and a commitment to innovation. Lubrizol's success stories, such as the award-winning Apisolex™ Polymer and the sustainable SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient, showcase how technological innovation can translate into market-leading products and services that drive shareholder value 4.

A Chemical Power Plant In Nature
A sustainable chemical power plant in nature - a possible future for Lubrizol. AI impression


Lubrizol's journey from a modest beginning in 1928 to its current stature as a beacon of innovation and sustainability is a narrative of strategic evolution and foresight. The company has not only honored its rich heritage but has also charted a course for a future where sustainability and innovation are paramount.

As a critical component of Berkshire Hathaway's diverse portfolio, Lubrizol exemplifies the conglomerate's vision for investing in companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Shareholders can take pride in Lubrizol's accomplishments, knowing that the company's strategic focus aligns with Berkshire Hathaway's ethos of long-term value creation.

The historical context of Lubrizol's growth, its global expansion, and the embrace of technological advancements are integral to understanding the company's trajectory. Lubrizol's commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that improve wellbeing and enhance modern life remains unwavering 3.

Looking ahead, the impact of Lubrizol's recent innovations, such as the redesigned Carbopol® polymers and the expansion of the EcoAssurant™ portfolio, is poised to influence the company's performance positively in 2024 and beyond 34. These advancements are not merely incremental; they are transformative steps that will likely redefine industry standards and consumer expectations.

As we conclude, let us reiterate the importance of staying informed and engaged with Lubrizol's ongoing initiatives. For shareholders and industry observers alike, Lubrizol's continued success is not just a matter of financial interest but also a testament to the power of innovation to drive meaningful change. The company's trajectory serves as an inspiring blueprint for how businesses can thrive by prioritizing sustainability and technological excellence.

In closing, we encourage all stakeholders to look forward to Lubrizol's future endeavors with anticipation and confidence. The company's unwavering dedication to its corporate purpose and its strategic vision ensures that Lubrizol will remain at the forefront of the specialty chemicals industry, delivering value and enhancing lives for years to come.


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