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Calling all Berkshire Hathaway shareholders! Dive into the fascinating journey of National Indemnity, the insurance giant that has played a pivotal role in shaping the conglomerate's success. From Warren Buffett's strategic vision to technological innovations, this article offers a captivating insight into the indomitable spirit of indemnity and its enduring impact on Berkshire's empire.


Introduction: The Genesis of a Giant

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, is a legend in the investment world. His acumen and strategic foresight have turned Berkshire Hathaway into a colossal conglomerate, with National Indemnity playing a pivotal role in this transformation 1. Founded in 1940, National Indemnity's acquisition in 1967 marked a strategic pivot for Berkshire, steering it away from the flailing textile industry and towards the lucrative world of insurance 1.

Buffett's fascination with insurance companies began with his first encounter with Geico, recognizing the immense potential of the insurance model, particularly the concept of "float" 1. This understanding enabled him to leverage the funds from premium payments, which are held before claims are settled, to fuel investments across various sectors 1.

The financial metamorphosis of Berkshire from a struggling textile business to a diversified powerhouse is a testament to the strategic importance of National Indemnity. The acquisition not only stabilized Berkshire's net income but also provided the funds necessary for expansive investment, laying the groundwork for the behemoth it is today 1.

As we delve into the history of National Indemnity, we will explore the disciplined underwriting and investment prowess that have become the hallmarks of its success 2. This journey through time will not only highlight the company's growth but also offer insights into the broader economic and cultural landscape in which it has thrived.

The Early Years: Buffett's Bet on Insurance

Before National Indemnity became part of the Berkshire family, the company was grappling with the challenges of the textile industry . In 1966, Berkshire's net income from textiles was a mere $2.6 million, with a free cash flow of around $5 million 1. The acquisition of National Indemnity for $8.6 million in 1967 was a bold move that immediately yielded financial improvements 1.

The concept of "float" was a game-changer for Buffett. With $19 million in float by 1967, he had a pool of money to invest in stocks and acquisitions, a strategy that would become a cornerstone of Berkshire's growth 1. National Indemnity's net income on premiums improved from $1.6 million on $16.8 million in premiums to $2.2 million on $20 million in premiums after the acquisition 1.

The cultural context of 1967, with the average American earning $7.3k a year and the release of The Beatles' iconic album, serves as a backdrop to National Indemnity's early success 1. The company's philosophy that "there are no bad risks, only bad prices" underpinned its approach to underwriting, ensuring profitability even in the face of potential risks 1.

The Growth Engine: National Indemnity's Role in Berkshire's Expansion

National Indemnity's stable earnings were the fuel that powered Berkshire's diversification engine. Buffett's approach mirrored his successful investment in American Express, using the insurance float to generate wealth for the company and its shareholders 1. The insurance float grew exponentially, from $19 million to a staggering $164 billion 2.

Below is Berkshire Hathaway's float development from 1970 to 2022 2 as recently supported by the Alleghany acquisition :

Year Float ($ in millions)
1970 39
1980 237
1990 1,632
2000 27,871
2010 65,832
2020 138,503
2021 146,701
2022 164,109

The company's disciplined underwriting approach ensured profitability, with a combined ratio consistently hovering near 90-95%, indicating efficient operations 1. This focus on underwriting discipline, coupled with strategic investments throughout its subsidiaries, propelled Berkshire Hathaway to become the world's largest property/casualty company by net worth 2.

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Innovations in Insurance: Embracing Technology and Modernization

In a move to modernize and enhance the policyholder experience, National Indemnity Company (NICO) selected One Inc’s PremiumPay®. This integration allows for faster and more convenient payment options, including Apple Pay® , Google Pay™, PayPal®, and Venmo 3.

The strategic partnership between One Inc and Guidewire, announced in 2022, brings technological advancements to the forefront of NICO's operations 3. By transitioning to Guidewire Cloud for policy administration and billing, NICO is setting a precedent for the industry, showcasing a commitment to leveraging modern technology to maintain its reputation for strength, stability, and integrity 4.

These technological initiatives are not just about keeping pace with the digital age; they are about transforming the insurance industry. By embracing these innovations, National Indemnity positions itself to meet future challenges and exceed customer expectations 3 4.

The Buffett Effect: Investment Philosophy and Performance

Buffett's investment philosophy has always been about long-term value, and National Indemnity has been a prime example of this approach. The ability to reinvest profits at higher rates has led to compounding growth, with the company's captive investment portfolio expanding significantly 1.

Under Buffett's leadership, Berkshire Hathaway has seen an astronomical return of 3,787,464% over nearly six decades 5. Key acquisitions such as Geico and General Re Corp have not only added to the float but also contributed significantly to underwriting profits 5.

Ajit Jain's role in transforming Berkshire's reinsurance business cannot be overstated. His expertise has added tens of billions in value, earning him high praise from Charlie Munger for the substantial dividends his hiring has brought to the company 5.

Preparing for the Unknown: Catastrophes and Risk Management

The insurance industry is no stranger to catastrophes, and Berkshire is well-prepared for "The Big One." With a strong financial base and disciplined risk evaluation, the company is equipped to handle significant losses 2.

Berkshire's diverse stream of non-insurance earnings provides additional investment flexibility, a critical advantage in managing risks. The company's track record of underwriting profit, with a pre-tax gain totaling $29.2 billion over two decades, underscores its financial resilience 2.

Looking Ahead: The Future of National Indemnity Within Berkshire

As we look to the future, National Indemnity's role within Berkshire's portfolio is poised to evolve further. Technological innovation will continue to shape the insurance industry, and National Indemnity is likely to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Global economic trends will undoubtedly impact the insurance sector, but National Indemnity's robust business model positions it well to navigate these changes. The potential for new product lines or market expansion could open additional avenues for growth.

Succession planning at Berkshire will also play a role in shaping National Indemnity's strategy. As the company prepares for a future without Buffett at the helm, the legacy of disciplined investment and strategic underwriting will continue to guide its path.

Conclusion: Indemnity's Indelible Mark on Berkshire's Blueprint

National Indemnity has left an indelible mark on Berkshire Hathaway's blueprint for success. From stabilizing the company's finances to fueling its expansion, the insurance behemoth has been instrumental in Berkshire's growth 1.

Innovation and adaptation have been central to maintaining National Indemnity's leadership position, and the company's commitment to technological advancements will continue to drive its success 3 4. Buffett's investment philosophy has shaped the company's trajectory, resulting in unparalleled returns for shareholders 1 5.

As shareholders reflect on the historical context and future potential of their investment, they can take pride in the enduring legacy of National Indemnity. It stands as a cornerstone of Berkshire Hathaway's empire, a testament to the power of strategic investment and the indomitable spirit of indemnity.


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